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When you and joe-blow started posting about how we should take his info down i got pissed off. He has no credibility at all after trying to pull the bullshit he did, and IMO no way should any of us co-operate with a person of that caliber. Most of you might gasp at the following but the 2010 GT I just bought has to be used during the winter as it’s our only vehicle and I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for electronic rust inhibitors?

You’ve worked in a shop as a mech, you know this is irrefutable. Riders will only come in when something is “broken” or when there is a physically noticeable problem with their suspension. Only then will they had over the money required to rebuild their fork. Like you, I have spent countless hours riding the current and past line of Lefty’s. The Oliver has the potential of being on my cross/commuter for 2016.

itrader scam

A couple days later B-SU posted his interaction with Roseburger and wondered why he received a “Neutral” feedback when their transaction wasn’t finalized. After reading Roseburger’s & B-SU’s accounts, I supported B-SU’s point of view and suggested he should request a MOD to investigate. Doesnt mean they arent coming after you though. With buying online i can see the issue as you could just as easily be using my pal to make the purchase but if you also show the drivers then theres a good chance you are who you say you are. As for the picture thats pretty mellow just show a newspaper or somthing.

Acura integra Turbo For Sell – $6500

Call us with your questions, concerns and account inquiries. After service hours, please feel free to contact us through our Automated Scotia iTRADE TeletraderTM Client Service. We’re happy to help with trading inquiries, account opening, asset transfers and answering any technical support questions you may have.

itrader scam

Pls be alert with this buyer at anytime or eventually seller might fall into the same situation as me. NEVER DO THAT,that is your private personal info which belongs only to you,if you give it out there maybe multi copies made used for illegal thinks,it’s only a gun sale. Haha guys shut up – it was in my gmail ads. Posted here, instead of searching online…. Enough people have seen this thread here that they will hopefully approach any kind of business dealing with this guy in a more cautious manner, if at all.

Maybe I started it off wrong and got 2 pairs of alpine speakers.. Don’t be lazy and do some more research, truth is, there are awesome bike frames for sale for ridiculously low prices from reputable bike shops and online bike shops. Granted that some may not be of the newest make.

IMO we shouldn’t be commending scam artists for giving back money that they stole from someone else – ESPECIALLY when said money was returned only after some kind of public intervention, e.g. this thread. He’s being “so sensitive” because you guys are being dicks. Some of the shit you guys are saying is really uncalled for and very distasteful. There used to be a 403viet on nexopia.


Setting all your crossovers and filters to blend perfect will be a challenge, but so worth it in the end. If i were you, I would buy a 4 channel class A/B amp, Amp your front speakers, and bridge the rear channel for a sub. With something like the JL 300/2v2 You could amp your fronts at 150 watts rms and then have 150 watts rms powering a small subwoofer. If there are any updates regarding this situation then I would invite any of the people DIRECTLY involved to PM me so I can update the thread accordingly. The user responsible for creating this situation will NOT be banned so he / she is free to message members who were involved.

  • That Luxury sound comes from being well tuned, timed, staged, and overall just having the right product for the application.
  • As mentioned, one can often get good deals on the BST forums, particularly on non-current stuff .
  • The whole process was performed with the minimum of fuss and I received a refund of the £250 within 3 days.
  • I just buy whatever the cheapest full knobbies are on the discount rack at the shop.
  • And tips for being able to guess the proper spacing between takeoff and landing?

I even use on on the rear wheel for winter. The only thing I don’t like about it is technical climbing. In my local conditions the heavily ramped knobs fail to act like “paddles” to grab dirt and there’s a lot of slipping and stone throwing going on. If there’s any kind of moisture on the ground they’re fine. The DHR II is obviously better equiped for climbing traction. I’d say your best bet is to contact bike shops & online stores that sell wide rims (ranging from 35mmOD / 30mm ID to 40mm OD / 35mm ID).

I’ve only recently become familiar with that brand and have it on the short list of next bikes as well. Also Gorilla Gravity you know because ‘Murica. Liteville´s 5+5 year warranty is transferable, one of the reasons a 301 will be my next bike. Yea, but if you greatly overcook a loose corner on a Hans Dampf, you will see it coming with nothing to do, so you will die consciously.

I know this isn’t the correct post to ask this, but does anyone have any advise for building landings for jumps? I’m building my own DJ section on my hill and completely launched way out over the landing. And tips for being able to guess the proper spacing between takeoff and landing? I am running a MK 2.4 in the rear and am also very pleased with it.

If they are honest sellers, they will do this without question. There are some very knowledgeable posters on these threads where golf equipment is concerned. Scam-Rescue is a website https://forex-review.net/ whose purpose is to provide direct access to reliable businesses in the the field of funds recovery and investment brokers. The website does not offer investment advice.


DHR 2 rolls pretty darn well, it’s even good as a front tire as well. Supertacky High Rollers stick, they stick to berms, stick to rocks, stick to roots, stick to the fecking road when you’re trying to pedal back up… Minions trade a little bit of that ULTIMATE GRAB for some easier rolling. But then I like Larsen TTs so what would I know.

itrader scam

As the seller, you don’t give that info out. I am attempting to sell a couple of firearms on-line. A potential purchaser has requested a copy of my PAL, a copy of another ID verification and a photo of the firearm with something to verify the current date. If there’s a bit of reward in doing that, it might happen more often, is all I’m saying. The fag-pickle I’m dealing with sends me messages every week “I’ll pay, I’ll pay” tries to threaten me, then “I’ll pay I’ll pay, I just want this over”.

I’m paying for a USED PC with no refund so I’m using some precautions to avoid doing a bad trade. If you want to come to my house with the PC, that’s alright with me. I guess the convenience is on me then.

Due to the fact that there are daily transactions for huge amounts, and access to the market is available due to the Internet, it is quite natural that the scammers haven’t passed it by. We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform. Companies can ask for reviews via automatic invitations. Labeled Verified, they’re about genuine experiences.

The knob-trim works very well on the HD. It can really give you a feel for how far over the grip from the sideknobs begins. I can’t be riding as hard as you guys because I’ve never pushed past the limits of a HD or Minion with the bike properly leaned over. The two times that I lost the front end with a Minion I’m pretty sure it was because I hit a bump while on a fast, low corner. Remember the Steve Smith won the air DH on Hans Dampfs.


I think of it the same as someone who commits a hit and run, then only calls to apologize or whatnot after being called out. If someone needs to be reminded of what is right or wrong… Then that person has some problems there.. I mean, this guy isn’t itrader review 16 years old, he’s a grown man. I get that 110%, but these threads rarely end up with someone paying up, at least not that I’ve seen. I’ve never seen any group of people work so fast, or willingfully to help someone in a situation like this.

Why does every single new member on beyond hafta sign on being an instadouche? Whats done is done why make the fire grow 50 times bigger? Fine the OP took his info off as promised… But if some members can read my post i simply said “ill leave the rest to u” so what other members do is not my business. The only downside is that I have to keep the battery in the car with a charger on it when in storage instead of removing the batter altogether. The seller and I agreed on $225, I went to the seller’s house on Sept 9, inspected the clubs but didn’t notice any problem besides normal wear, and paid him in cash.

They are also more affordable than Maxxis tires in Germany. It wasn’t until I got home that I had about 500$ in repairs to make. Opus doesn’t make that bike anymore and I’ve been waiting on the bolt since the middle of August. Also the Maxle was snapped off on one side and they hole clutch derailleur was worn out. The rear swing arm was coated in about 4 layers of electrical tape. They definitely do last more than one ride.

That being said the firearms and other purchases I have made have being from this forum from guys that have very good itrader ratings and that I feel comfortable dealing with. This guy has a long, long history of scamming people both here and on other internet forums. The only reason he paid is to try and protect the privacy of himself and his family. If he was actually remorseful about stealing the money, he would have sent it before this thread was posted.

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